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DJ KARZ Uplighting Option Packages based in Charlotte NC
DJ KARZ does lighting with event and club atmosphere lighting services based in Charlotte NC
DJ KARZ offers effect lighting services based in Charlotte NC


Here is an example of an effect light that can create a simulated pool of water, fire, or white ice like appearance, as well as other colors. The light can stay on one color, or can fade in and out through various color spectrums.

Lights like this can be cast onto the floor as pictured here, or onto a wall, or ceiling for different effects.


Why stop at the cake when you see how well you can make your centerpieces and floral arrangements shine under well placed pin spot lighting, as well.

Think about the layout of your venue and areas of interest, and let us know if you have any questions how we can help provide the right accent lighting, in addition to fun dance floor lighting when it's time to party!


DJ KARZ is a club and event DJ and MC based in Charlotte, NC and performs as an event and club DJ offering sound systems, PA Systems, subwoofers, main speakers, as well as lighting for dance floor and ambient wash lighting, stage lighting, led lighting, up-lighting and accent lighting services along with DJ services and Host / MC services throughout North Carolina and South Carolina including Asheville NC, Winston Salem NC, Greensboro NC, Durham NC, Raleigh NC, Chapel Hill NC, Wilmington NC, Fort Mill,SC, Rock Hill SC, Greenville SC, Columbia SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Charleston SC, as well as East Coast destinations booking Weddings in NYC New York, Boston MA, Washington DC and Northern Virginia, Atlanta GA, Jacksonville FL, Miami FL, West Coast venues open dates in Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, San Fransisco CA as well as International destinations. Please see Contact page for booking DJ KARZ as a Wedding DJ and MC for your next big event!


Take a look at the room to the left, on the top is a standard banquet room with standard overhead lighting, if you attempt to dim the harsh lighting, you can end up with dark spaces, and less than vibrant mood.

Now, take a look at the bottom picture, you can see here the same room and set up, but now with added uplighting, the house lights can be dimmed further or turned off, and you still have good visibility, and lots of energy in the room. With millions of color combinations, we can help you match your desired theme for your big day!

If you are in need of DJ or MC services, but don't have your own sound equipment, no need to worry, DJ KARZ will bring the necessary equipment to run the event. Operating at least two PA systems at any given time, DJ KARZ can fill small and large venues with sound, or run sound in multiple rooms or areas.

This is especially important for indoor/outdoor events, where DJ KARZ can run sound to two or more areas, and control the desired volume level in each area, while ensuring an even flow to the event, as the music and announcements can be heard throughout all the gathering areas!

DJ KARZ Dancefloor Lighting for Private Events, Clubs and Bars


For starters, a base package includes your DJ / MC, up to 4 hours performance time during the reception, and usually consists of at least 2 main speakers, or possibly 1 or 2 subs depending on crowd and venue size, as well as a light tree that may include some ambient wash lighting and dance floor effect lighting. Check out some of the popular ways to complement the base package with more options to put your event over the top! Picture shown with optional fog.


For lighting, he will consult with you to determine the right amount of ambient lighting that may be needed to fit your vision and chosen venue, along with options for highlighting key visual aspects of your event, sas well as fun dance floor lighting for when the dance party ramps up!

Whether you're interested in standard dance floor lighting, need to uplight an entire room, or have other special lighting needs, DJ KARZ will work with you to design the best lighting options for your event.

DJ KARZ also uses state of the art sound and lighting options, to ensure you and your guests get the full experience of an elegant event. With crisp clear quality sound, played at the right levels to provide the perfect atmosphere for ceremonies and cocktail hours, thoughtful mood music for dinner conversation, and the right amount of big sound to bring and keep guests moving on the dance floor!

Save yourself some time and anguish by working with a true sound professional, don't get lured in by a low priced DJ or sound company who won't bring adequate sound for your event, who doesn't have a reliable track record, or any backup options to rely on when needed. DJ KARZ is a true believer in having more sound than needed, rather than needing more sound and not having it. Hear the difference, book DJ KARZ!

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DJ KARZ offers best sound system options mobile DJ Charlotte NC


In addition to uplighting, you can accent particular areas of interest using pin spot lighting. Check out this cake on the left with no special lighting, even an elegant cake may not stand out in a room without the proper accent lighting.

While this is popular for weddings, similar accent lighting can be used to highlight other food oriented focal points for any corporate or private event.

DJ Pinspot and Aceent Lighting based in Charlotte North Carolina


DJ Accent lighting and pinspot lighting based in Charlotte NC

Take a look at some of the most popular lighting applications below, and contact DJ KARZ today to discuss your vision for your next big event! Also, be sure to check out some of the other services DJ KARZ offers, and the various event types where DJ KARZ performs as a DJ and MC, while offering sound and lighting options!

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